Born among the stars.
My mother was the Moon,
My father the Sun.
They rocked me
when I felt sorrow.
I was in awe with the
universe’s sound as a child,
I witnessed countless
miracles hidden
from the eyes.
Then one day
I got to the Earth
first-born heir
of a human pair.
They raised me, taught me
I grew up.
Three times ten years
on Earth passed like that.
Compared to eternity
this being is a mote,
and yet I see:
the folks here
are at fault.
They love a hundred different gods,
they kill for them if they must.
Believing that they are alone
in this whole cosmos.
Blinded by
virtual reality,
their souls are
barely together.
My father the Sun,
shines purely on the sky.
What am I doing
on this ground?
My mother the Moon,
her pale-tame
beams are made of
Is it deserved
by this lot?

Born among the stars.
Living down below.
My heart longs home,
I wish to be back,
up, up and never look back!

Translated by Emma Poli

Hungarian version: Csillag-lélek

Book: Csillaglélek



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